How to start a new Murano glass jewellery project ?

I have to start by something!
And start showing you my work. Start talking to you about what I do and the things I like, creating and handcrafting Murano glass jewellery. Start sharing my passion, my universe. (Know more about me)

It’s never easy to start, but I have to! So, let’s start with the beginning, or actually the very beginning: glass plates.



Their dimensions may vary but they all share the same thickness, around 3mm (0.3 inch). There are divided into two categories: those of transparent colours and those of opaque pastelli colours.

When assembled together they allow me to create infinite tones and forms entering into the Murano glass jewellery elaboration.

Each colour, due to a specific chemical composition, will have an uneven melting behaviour. During the heating process each colour is melting in a different way, as being more or less « tender » at a certain temperature.

A whole part of my work consists in utilizing those differences and playing with the variations in heating times and temperatures. All these variations allow me to create an infinite not only chromatic but also volumetric blending: the longer the glass remains in furnace and the higher the temperature (within certain limits) the more the different glass plates or pieces of glass plates will blend into each other until giving a new unique coloured glass plate mixing colour prints coming from the original plates…

Those glass plates are the basis of my work on Murano glass jewellery based on the glass melting technics.

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