Nicolas Lauzeral

Murano Glass Designer

Itinerary of a passion : from France to Venice

Nicolas Lauzeral was a fresh graduate in architecture when he settled in Venice. This is where he encountered the world of Murano glass.

The glass, everywhere in the City of the Dodges, can be traced in all its forms and in all places: those lusters listing up after dark and observed when passing by a palace, those facades decorated with mosaic twinkling in the sun, those windows made of glass disks letting through such a particular light, those vases made of so many different styles and colours which can be found in all house interiors, or even those glasses, extremely light, placed on a table for every occasion.

Fascinated by this material, Nicolas started to look into the Venetian glass, studying its history, its production trends over the years as well as its various working techniques. Then Nicolas focused his attention on glass bead production as Venetian pearls were used for quite different purposes over the history: such as copies of rare or costly precious stones, or exchange currency in remote territories, or eventually used by prominent fashion dressmakers to enhance their creations…

All this remained somewhat theoretical until Nicolas felt the need to confront the subject: the glass. As a first step Nicolas decided to turn to Murano Island where he acquired the basics of the art from master glassmakers: blowing, spinning, melting.

The molten glass is shaped by gravity and thus turns generally into rounded forms. However, Nicolas, as a former architect, seeks straight lines and sharp corners, he then decided to focus on the melting technique in furnace. Here begins a long work on colors and the different opportunities rendered by assembling glass plates of different tones. At the same time Nicolas experiments the cold working glass techniques as well as the various results obtained by grinding and satin-finishing. Finally, by including in his research the techniques acquired from spun glass work, Nicolas found his way and developed its own personal interpretation of the Murano glass work.

Several years of work and research allowed him to come up with an entirely handmade jewellery collection mixing tradition and modernity. Through this first collection available on line, Nicolas will take you on a journey to share his own universe, Venice, which is not only a magnificent place but also an endless source of inspiration.